Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Teleportation not possible? Effect is?

Imagine if you will, an object which can travel faster than the speed of light. In theory at least, at the precise moment that object travels faster than the speed of light, it should disappear as there is nothing which the light can bounce off to reflect back. In the meanwhile the object continues to travel forwards (invisible). At some time in the future the object (or spacecraft) will either slow down or come to a stop at which time the light will again reflect back. So what would the effect of this be?

The object in theory will disappear at one point in space, only to re-appear moments later at some other point.

Is this Teleportation? Discussions please.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Be worried,... Very Worried. A mass extinction is coming!

Day to day I read stories on Digg and other sites which I generally read and then dismiss as pure fiction, however a certain date range keeps on re-occuring and after reading many stories, I started to see a pattern. That date is ... 2012 and it's only a few years away.

Now each of the stories are not quite certain of the full effects, but one thing is sure, 2012 looks like a busy year.

Just 17 days ago we saw the following story and it got me thinking about all the other stories about 2012. Is there a connection?. Well read through and make your mind up:

1.) Magnetic-Shield Cracks Found; Big Solar Storms Expected - 2012
These breaches indicate that during the next period of high solar activity, due to start in 2012, Earth will experience some of the worst solar storms seen in decades.

2.) No Geomagnetic Reversal - 2012
Apparently, on December 21st 2012, our planet will experience a powerful event. This time we're not talking about Planet X, Nibiru or a "killer" solar flare, this event will originate deep within the core of our planet, forcing a catastrophic change in our protective magnetic field. 


3.) Is planet Nibiru hurtling towards us and going to wipe us out in 2012?
Apparently, Planet X (a.k.a. Nibiru) was spotted by astronomers in the early 1980's in the outermost reaches of the solar system. It has been tracked by infrared observatories; seen lurking around in the Kuiper Belt and now it is speeding right toward us and will enter the inner solar system in 2012.

4.) Nostadamus 2012 Prophecy

5.) Mayan Prophecy for 2012

6.) World war III with russia in 2012:

7.) St.Malachy prophecy about the last pope - end times in? 2012?
This is the one which scares the most - really interesting. Are we already on the second to last pope.?

oh and by the way, the web will run out of addresses by 2012. Very convenient if the world does come to an end and we don't have to mess around with ipv6.

Just as well we have the following stories, but is it too late?

8.) How long till we find a second earth?
"We'll find an Earth-mass planet by 2010 and an Earth-mass planet that's potentially habitable by 2012," says University of California astronomer Greg Laughlin, whose team is race a French group to find the heavenly jackpot: an Earth-like planet that is home to alien life

9.) Summer Vacation - Destination Space - 2012
The European aerospace giant EADS is going into the space tourism business. Its Astrium division says it will build a space plane capable of carrying fare-paying passengers on a sub-orbital ride more than 100km above the planet

Well, there are simply hundreds of doomsday stories out there, some more likely than others, but WHY oh WHY to they all point to the year 2012? How did all the ancient phrophets all point to the same time. Why does current knowledge about sun spots and flares and magnetic weaknesses etc,.. all seem to be happening in 2012?

Well we only have 3 years to wait. Happy new year.


Monday, 22 December 2008

We are simply one big experiment.

I want you to think about this for a moment, the wonders that surround us and the parts they play. Sharks invented sex, yes it's true, you can look it up on the net. They had the first penis and the first animal that we are aware of who inserts it's end into a female shark. How did this idea transfer over to humans? Did we evolve partly from a fish? Well who knows, but think about this. The dinosours tried and failed. They were wiped out. With each generation we are evolving, changing, converging all at the same time. Each animal has it's own ways of dealing with problems and mating in all different ways. It's survival of the fittest at it's greatest.

Why do Giraffes have long necks? Is it that long ago, the plants lower down ceased to exist and that the only Giraffes to survive were the ones with slightly longer necks and the genes of these longer neck giraffes were passed down the chain and over time the necks then evolved to become longer due to natural selection? Maybe.

Jellyfish are now starting to take over the world. You can't slaughter them as they release millions of eggs into the oceans as they are being killed. The more you kill, the greater the problem becomes. It's their defence.

You may have heard that some Millipeades have cyandice darts as a defence. Where did that come from. What evolutionary steps were needed before the first cyanide Millipeade was born?

And what are humans having to adapt to? Climate change. The possibility of an asteroid hitting us. Terrorism. How are we adapting to our environment? Are we really anything more than an intelligent virus trying to spawn on other worlds and what happens when we do finally have the capability to reach and settle on other worlds. What becomes of the worlds we destroy? How will we expand and at what rate? We are in one long game, one long experiment and maybe somekind of risk game where one being / animal will become the lone last survivor.

Lets take a look at genes. If we ever last long enough, in theory, we will eventually all look very similar, to the extent we will not be able to tell each other appart easily. How is this so? Well genes are passed on from human to human, but split at some point between parents at some percentage, for example you can be made up of 20% mum and 80% dad with a few random changes thrown in for good luck. If you simulate this on a computer, there are in theory, a limited number of combinations, but very large, so that this should not be a worry in out lifetime and other things will sipe us out well before that happens, however it is possible no matter how remote. Will one of those combinations give someone super human powers? It may just be possible. Its a matter of getting the right combinations. Ever heard of these geniuses that can play a piano without ever having had a lesson? We look at them as freaks. People who dont belong, but what if they are the next step in the chain? Think about x-men. We're not far off.

What if we are inventing our own future? Waterworld was created as a film, but it the polar regions totally melt, how far off will we be? Examine Star trek. Many of the things in there are already in use. Flick communicators look like a motorola mobile phone and work the same (albeit not quite from a ship down to the planet) , but how far are we away? . We are now putting a infra red scope up in space in 2013. What things will we learn from this. We as are all other animals are evolving and at a frightening pace. What will be left, will be the closest to perfection of a being that can survive the hardest of environments. Are we the only ones in space given that we are so insignificant to the size of the universe? We are nothing more than a trillionth of a speck of dust in what we call the milky way, which is in turn a speck that doesn't even register within the universe. So are we one giant experiment? Are we something that someone much bigger hasn't yet discovered? Are we the very things flying around on a particle inside a giant Hadron Collider? Are we infact the very experiment we are conducting?

These are the things which are flying around inside my head. What's flying around in yours? Frightening isn't it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hugh Hefner's Ex-Girlfriend Calls Him "High Maintenance"

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's girlfriend of seven years, came only to "Extra's" special correspondent Alison Waite to talk about her heartbreaking split from the Playboy mogul. "I'm just kind of sad about my breakup with Hef. I wish he would've seen it coming," Madison admitted.

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19 Year-Old Teen With World's Longest 'Super' Name

A British 19-year-old has officially changed his name to "Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined."

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The World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Project

Earlier today, concentrated solar company SolFocus announced that it has signed a deal to install over 10 MW of its systems in Spain for EMPE Solar. Upon its completion in 2010, the $103 million, multi-site project will be the largest concentrated solar deployment in the world. Provides energy for 40,000 homes

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Car Runs Mostly on Air

Developer Zero Pollution Motors is working on a compressed air vehicle (CAV) that could run "all day on nothing but air and a splash of salad oil, alcohol or possibly a pint of gasoline." Cost: $20,000. Timing: 2011.

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Nanotubes turn on the tunes [w/ videos]

Stretchable, flexible, transparent sheets of carbon nanotubes can serve as loudspeakers, Chinese researchers have found. The loudspeakers can be tailored into any size and shape, they say – and to prove their point, they have put one on a waving flag [and had it play numa numa].

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Pictured: The world's most luxurious cruise liner

These amazing images show the world's largest ever cruise liner taking shape, complete with "beach pool", shopping mall, rock-climbing walls, outdoor ampitheatre, and New York-style loft suites.The state-of-the-art "travelling city" is being built on dry-docks in Finland.

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Massive Volcano Dividing Japan & Korea Shot from Space

Beautiful snow-covered image, enlargeable full-screen, shot from Earth Observatory. Diameter of apex nearly 3 miles.

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A Closer Look At Bodysurfing The Wedge In Newport Beach

The die-hards -- guys whose concussions, fractured vertebrae and broken bones are testament to their devotion to the Wedge have mellowed with age. The waves -- which ricochet off the rocky jetty at the tip of Balboa Peninsula, smashing together in white-frosted peaks that can tower 20 feet -- have not.

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Struggling Americans Forced To Work Extra-Dimensional Shift

According to a report released Monday by the U.S. Department of Labor, skyrocketing consumer prices coupled with stagnant wages have forced many Americans to work a fourth shift in another dimension in order to make ends meet.

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Japanese man starts petition to marry comic-book character

A Japanese man has enlisted hundreds of people in a campaign to allow marriages between humans and cartoon characters, saying he feels more at ease in the "two-dimensional world." Comic books are immensely popular in Japan, with some fictional characters becoming celebrities or even sex symbols.

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Some worry that Google knows too much

Perhaps the biggest threat to Google's increasing dominance of Internet search and advertising is the rising fear, justified or not, that Google's broadening reach is giving it unchecked power.

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Lewis Hamilton set for £100million a year

Lewis Hamilton will become the world's highest-paid sportsman after becoming the youngest driver to win the Formula One world championship last night. The 23-year-old Briton can expect to earn a minimum £100million a year following one of the most exciting finales to a race the sport has ever witnessed.

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